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Explore the Shores with Atwood Lake’s New GeoTrail!

Downtown Carrollton OhioWho doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?! Following a map, searching for clues and discovering “treasure” is exciting stuff, no matter your age.

A modern-day version, otherwise known as geocaching, has grown in popularity over the years. The new Explore the Shores Geotrail gives geocachers and newbies a chance to discover the beauty of the Atwood Lake Region.

Geocaching is a fun, unique way to get people outside. It is basically treasure hunting with global positioning systems (GPS). GPS units can range from your smartphone, to a hand-held unit. A geocache (commonly a small box) is placed in a specific location and the coordinates are listed on GPS users then use a cache’s coordinates to help locate the actual cache. The caches typically contain a small variety of trinkets. Users are expected to take one item, leave one item for a future user, sign the logbook, and then return the cache to its original location.

A geotrail is a series of geocaches tied together by a common theme. The Atwood Lake Explore the Shores Geotrail, located in the Atwood Lake Region of Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties, will take geocachers to the area’s businesses, hiking trails and more. More information about this trail may be found at

Take a break from geocaching by traveling 20 minutes to the north on state Route 39 and discover the small-town charm of Carrollton. Ashton’s 5- & 10-cent Store has those hard-to-find items, novelty candy and creaky floors that recall the past. The history of Ashton’s can be found at Ashton House Museum, where you can see the many collections of John and Evelyn Ashton.

If you love history, then check out the McCook House Civil War Museum. The home of the “Fighting McCooks,” a family of 17 who fought in the Civil War, is filled with local and military artifacts that are both interesting and unexpected.

Visit Carroll County at and see where natural beauty combines with a rich history.